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We can help your company identify quality implementation, security and best practices. Setting these standards is an important and major part of product development. On- and off-site evaluation is also available for an extra fee.

Vendor Selection

We connect with vendors and select a vendor according to the product specification and order placement. We take time to choose the right vendor. We opt for people who has the right attitude and who strive for the best

Price Negotiation

A successful buyer negotiation outcome does not primarily occur through luck but by following a clear process. The process which reflects the various levels of knowledge of the subject of negotiation. A garment BDM has to do a lot of task to negotiate the buyer. This article has presented a details discussion on buyer negotiation process which are deeply followed in garments sector.

Product Sampling

Ordering Product Samples from a supplier is a key part of the import process. However, there are various types of samples, that each has a unique function.

In this article, we explain everything you must know about buying product samples from Tirupur: Including factory samples, pre-production samples and batch samples.

We also answer many of the most common questions we receive, related to sample development, including how you can protect your Intellectual Property, shipping methods and how much you should expect to pay for samples.